Blue and Black PCTx units

The PCTx interface allows you to connect your R/C transmitter to your PC. By connecting an R/C transmitter to a PC via the PCTx interface, you now have the ability to take control of an R/C vehicle or robot with your PC side applications.

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Project ideas:

  • Wireless robot controller
  • Pan and Tilt system for a video camera
  • Telepresence robot
  • Bomb disposal robot
  • Control system for a UAV
  • Steering wheel and foot pedal interface to R/C car
  • Industrial automation
  • Animatronics - puppets and effects

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Small package for great portability



  • Generates up to 9 output channels
  • Generate extra channels not supported by the transmitter
  • 50Hz PPM refresh rate
  • Independent channel pulse width control
  • Sample software available
  • Cable Length: 3ft
  • High Resolution Support (1024 steps per channel).

Sample Software:

Please use the following software as a starting point for your own applications. See the software page for more examples.


Standard Resolution:

sample application
sample source code


High Resolution:

sample application
sample source code

product image
Standard Resolution Sample Application


Schematic and Bill of Materials:

Bill of Materials



The PCTx is a USB HID device. Windows XP to Windows 10 are compatible. Software is also available for Linux and MacOS, see the software section for details. An R/C transmitter with a trainer port capable of accepting a PPM signal is required. Transmitter modules will work but usually require more work than just plugging in the PCTx.

The PCTx comes with 1 of the following plugs standard. Please see the adapters section if you would like multiple plug styles. Adapters are only available for mono PCTx units.

The PCTx is compatible with most radio brands:

  • Futaba
  • Airtronics
  • JR
  • Spektrum
  • Hitec
  • Tower Hobbies
  • Multiplex
  • ESky


Important Note:

If your radio is not listed the PCTx may still work however it is not tested by Endurance R/C. If your transmitter has a trainer port and can accept a PPM signal then the PCTx should be compatible. However due to the number of different buddy port protocols appearing on the market today we cannot guarantee compatibility with all radios. Please be sure to check your radio's manual before ordering to determine if your radio can accept a PPM pulse.


Compatible Accessories :




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PCTx Setup and Help Guide


PCTx - $49.99

Plug Type Color

High Resolution PCTx - $49.99

Plug Type Color

PCTx Replacement Chip- $9.99


High Resolution PCTx Replacement Chip- $9.99

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